Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 Guide: Mansion

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Upon starting the game you will be met with dialogue as Raidy makes her way across the desert. Once the game starts you will see a map with 4 locations to choose from.

Pick the Inn where you will meet Setia who offers you a room to rest in.
Start bath scene choose all options.
Upon waking up you will save Setia from a bandit.
Head to the Tavern and speak with customers. You will meet Amura who informs you of activity at the Mansion.

Leave the tavern and the Mansion will become available as a destination.
Before heading to the mansion go back to the Inn, Do something else, choose Masturbate. (Meh, why not)

Head to Mansion Floor 1

Recommended Level: 1 to 6


Difficulty Monster Special
Weakest Mercenary
Wererat Steals Gold and can Poison
Strongest Rover

Go see Junk, although nothing will happen yet.
Collect Long Sword from hidden wall.
Grind to level 6.

Head down to Mansion Basement Floor

Recommended Level: 6 to 9


Difficulty Monster Special
Weakest Phantom Thief Steals Gold
Strongest Killer Bee Can Poison

Collect Dispell Barrier
Collect Magic Disk 1 – may need to look around the room a few times.
Collect Large Shield.
Talk to imprisoned girl.
Check the locked door.

Return to Mansion Floor 1 and speak to Junk. Do as he says for the key.

Return to Mansion Basement Floor and head to the locked door. Save before fighting Sudia.

Upon defeating Sudia you will get Shuras’ Key. Note: Sudia can Poison.

Head back to Mansion Floor 1 locked door. Save before fighting Shura (you should be about lvl 8 by now).

Defeating Shura will allow passage to Mansion Floor 2.

Recommended Level: 9 to 12


Difficulty Monster Special
Weakest Grappler
Strongest Orc

Collect Breast Plate.
Collect Ear Plugs.
Head to the locked door and check it.

Head back to Mansion Floor 1 and see Junk again. Do as he says for the key.

Head back to Mansion Floor 2. Save before fighting Jami (should be about lvl 11 by here).

Defeat Jami and listen in to the conversion between her and the cloaked man. You will follow the man to a cave. Head back to town before continuing.

Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 Guide: Dungeon Part 1.

  1. Lvl 13 and still doing too low dmg to Jami. Lol

    • For bosses just keep charging for Thunder Slash / whatever the stronger one is. Use HP Potion if you’re low on HP and unleash when you think the bar is high enough. I don’t tend to normal attack bosses

  2. Hello, can someone help me, i enter in the inn and choose Do something else Masturbate.], but now i can’t leave only have two opptions No one is skip or leave option.

    • If you’re in the masturbate scene you need to finish through to the end. That means picking all options 3 times. (I believe that should be 2 * 3 * 3 and you should be out of it). Hope that’s clear enough.

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