Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 Guide

Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 Guide:

Following this guide will get you all CG and all scenes (thanks to moonblack).

Be sure to save before each boss fight. Get defeated for one set of CG and scenes, then reload and defeat the boss for the 2nd batch. Also feel free to stock up on potions and weapons at any point. I will not specifically say when to do so in this guide.

Feel free to leaves comments or suggestions on how to improve this guide. Also feel free to use the maps and info elsewhere.

The guide is split into 4 sections below:


Dungeon Part 1

Dungeon Part 2


  1. For the missing scene:
    0) Get Sexcalibur (not really sure if you need to get it before the next step, but since it is on the way you probably would have picked it up anyway)
    1) Lose to the Woman Eater – Raidy will be attacked and left with 1 HP (unless she was poisoned during the fight)
    2) Go back to Raidy’s cell on floor 8
    3) There will be an extra option available when you visit the cell. It disappears after you use it. This also serves to recharge Sexcalibur, I believe

    In short, there’s a reason why losing to the Woman Eater is not an automatic “game over”.

    BioToxic: Sorry: Just 1 word edit.

    • Awesome, thanks😀.

      That’s the missing one – I’ll update the guide now.

      • The option vanishes after you use it once, but it comes back as soon as you unleash Sexcalibur on something.

        I was able to get the scene even on a save where Woman Eater was killed. So it looks more like the only requirement for the scene is an un-charged Sexcalibur. Thus, if you want all scenes you might as well head back to your cell right after you find Sexcalibur.

      • Can you help I’m missing some images . . .
        Page 3, bottom row, images 3-6 left to right
        Page 2, 2nd row from bottom, 5 & 6 left to right
        Page 3, far right image

        I’ve let all the bosses beat me + woman eater, used magic disks 1-4, pillow 3 tiems, got setia +raidy, setia + rose, lesti + junk, cray + sword, raidy + sword/bath/hands/doors. So what am I missing end game, right before Gav fight going back to town and visiting stores gets me nothing?

  2. Hmm I loaded a previous save from just before defeating Gav. Went back down through the Dungeon, went to the cell – no scene. Killed the Woman Eater, went back – no scene.

    Maybe you can do it any time between getting Sexcalibur and escaping from the Dungeon, ie before Lecille.

  3. Hey this is pretty cool, will be useful when I do get the game ^^

  4. How do I soppose to lost to woman eater ? raidy just starts her thunder crap and then eater dies…. I cant lose to him :X

  5. O compleated the game… but I didnt get 3CGs… second page 5th nd 7th and page 4 last one. where was those tree😀 ?

    • Strange, not sure how you’re referencing 5th and 7th. Can you Row Column reference?

      Anyway – taking a guess, 5th is defeating Morpha and 7th is the girl you save from doing so – which you would have had to do to complete, so I’m not sure on that.

      4th Page last CG is the 3rd pillow scene, just use the pillow 3 times to see it.

  6. Ok, I made screens with missing CGs It should be much easier to understant which ones I cant obtain🙂 I had defeated all bosses and I encountered all enemies… If I remember correctly I had lost to all bosses to… and then loaded to play further.

    • These all involve Floor 1 of the dungeon (+ the town on returning).

      First one (miss1qx) is the first scene with Lesti. You can get it after defeating Morpha. So reload to a save some time after you’ve beaten her and go to the Tavern.

      The second one (miss2) is as described above. Defeating Morpha will get those 2.

      Same with the final one (miss3k). It’s the 3rd pillow scene. Sleep 3 times with the pillow to see it.

      Also, in the top right corner of the CG page there’s “Scenes”. If you click that you can replay any scene you have unlocked. Double check once you’ve unlocked the CG that the scene has appeared there too.

      • Thx for help, I was missing a lot of scenes too… I manage to understand that I was loading the game too quickly after lossing to bosses… so now I have all scenes ang CGs🙂 very nice guide… thx🙂

  7. I’m missing three scenes, and some cgs I assume will be unlocked with them.

    The first is on page 2, column 5, row 4.
    The second is on page 2, column 6, row 4.
    The last is on page three, column 4 row 1. (The very last one listed.)

    I read here on the guide that I should be able to sleep in the inn’s basement after seeing Rose and the innkeeper down there, but I don’t get the option. I checked back at the inn several times while going through the temple, at least once per floor but never got the chance.

    • All those 3 are scenes with Rose. You have to make sure you’ve accepted Setias’ advance after finishing all mansion floors.

      After completing all Dungeon Floors you should find Rose and Setia in the basement of the Inn.
      If you’ve met these 2 requirements the next time you go to the Inn Setia should allow you to stay in the basement to continue down this route.

      On my first playthrough I didn’t accept Setias advancement at the end of the Mansion and wasn’t able to stay in the basement. 2nd playthrough I did for this walkthrough and unlocked these scenes as described.

  8. I accepted Setia’s advances, say the Setia/Rose scene, go straight back to the inn and nothing happens, just a room as usual, over and over again, is there something else I should be doing??

    • The only thing I can suggest is make sure you have seen all the available scenes before getting defeated by Lecille for the first time.

      Either start a new game and get all scenes, or load to a point before Lecille and double check before continuing. Ones that spring to mind are Cray, Magical Disk 1 & 2, all the Pillow scenes, the Amura scenes scattered throughout the dungeon and the first scene with Lesti.

      Also make sure to do all the scenes a number of times with the shopkeepers in the Dungeon Floor 8.

  9. Carterobic

    Hey I managed to unlock everything except one scene, page 2, row 3, column 7. Any idea what that is? thx

    • That one is from loosing to Gav, the final boss. I lost to him in his Human form. Not sure if that makes a difference when unlocking this scene, but you can always trying to loosing to both.

  10. why cant i see the extras page? its transparent!

  11. Im missing one scene. The first one on the third page, any suggestions?

  12. man i cant figure out what scene i am missing. its page 2 column 4 and row 4.

    i have every CG so it must be an alternate version of something but im drawing a blank on what i missed

    • scratch that last comment. somehow the game didnt register the fact that i saw the scene…maybe i told raidy to leave too early or something. anyway, the scene was the weapon shop owner using a dagger which i know i had seen before

  13. Dragonmunky

    I am missing the scene in page 2 column 3 row 4. can you help he too?

    • I had trouble with that scene as well.

      To get it you need to return to your cell on Dungeon Floor 8 after getting Sexcalibur. You then “charge” Sexcalibur similar to how you would at the Inn.

      I waited until after loosing to the Woman Eater on Dungeon Floor 6 and went back to the cell on Floor 8. Hope that helps.

      • Dragonmunky

        Thank you! now that covers everything except for the weapons, shields, and armors witch I just need to grind for.

  14. LordDevastor29

    Thnks men… u help me alot (:

  15. BTW, I Love This Game! I’ve played the 1st game, as well!😄
    My favorite Scene from This game is Raidy’s loss to Camille! But the puzzles, graphics and other scenes are good, too! I’m Such A Horn Dog! LMAO
    Thank you, again! And Have a Great Weekend!

    • LWR2 was good fun to play, I especially liked the animated scenes although the number of them fizzled out towards the end of the game. Also not knowing what CG to expect made it all the more interesting.

      My favourite scene probably has to be the Third Door with a Soul and his spinning member😆.

  16. How do you actually access the CGs?? The “extra” part in my game is grey, and I can’t click on it…

  17. How do I install this?

  18. Whoops posted in the wrong spot before.

    Can you help I’m missing some images . . .
    Page 3, bottom row, images 3-6 left to right
    Page 2, 2nd row from bottom, 5 & 6 left to right
    Page 3, far right image

    I’ve let all the bosses beat me + woman eater, used magic disks 1-4, pillow 3 tiems, got setia +raidy, setia + rose, lesti + junk, cray + sword, raidy + sword/bath/hands/doors. So what am I missing end game, right before Gav fight going back to town and visiting stores gets me nothing?

    • CG:
      Page 3, bottom row, images 3-6 are all Raidy x Rose. So you need to get captured by Rose after clearing the dungeon. Setia will tell you there’s no rooms free at the Inn and lets you stay in the basement. This will trigger the scenes to get the last CG/Scenes. Don’t forget to visit her in her potion shop afterwards and then again for a second time.

      Page 2 scenes are from visiting Rose at her potion shop twice.

      Page 3 far right is from where Rose captures you.

      You might need to start a new game and re-try triggering the event, or reload to a point just after finishing the Dungeon. The guide I made is from my second playthrough and is how I triggered the events. On my first playthrough I wasn’t able to get the Raidy x Rose stuff.

  19. Hey. I’ve finnished LWR 1 & 2 a bit long time ago, but i didn’t get full unlock in LWR2 extras. after i checked this articule i achiev 1 more, but still there is 1 graphic and 2 scenes that i don’t have and i think i’m already out of ideas how to get them😦 would you like to check this screenshot and tell me how may i get them, if you are able to?

    Also i wonder to ask – do you know any way of getting LWR3 (even in japanese)? i rly wonder to try third part of this game🙂

  20. Urgh, i forgot to put here a screenshot that i told about xD failed…
    here it is:

    • CG:
      P4 R5 C3 – Magical Disc 4, you get it from the Temple Floor 2.

      P2 R5 C5 – Magical Disc 4

      P2 R7 C3 – Loose to Gav. For some reason it decided to not unlock since you do have the CG for it.

      I believe LWR3 was never released. ZyX, the company behind LWR, haven’t updated their homepage since 2008. The game looked quite cool since you could fuse with the different bosses from LWR1 and get different CG scenes depending who you fused with for beating the new bosses. I would love to see it released one day, but it looks as though all ZyX game development has stopped. ZyX homepage if you’re interested (NSFW).

      • Thanks for telling me how to make full unlock in my extra gallery😀

        Hmm, that’s a bad news. i checked ZyX homepage before, but never noticed a date… stupid me >.< It's a bit disapointing that they would not release a continuation of the only one hentai game series that i played and enjoy it xD I've seen some nice artwork, so I wonder there will be third part of this game… even in japanese, I'm sure i will try it.
        But if it wont happen, do you know any other game, that is just like LWR, that i may / should try?🙂

        • Of the localised games I’ve not played any similar. You could try Manaka de Ikuno! which has a dungeon crawler / RPG style game within it. It features the ToHeart 2 girls and you can change their classes / outfits. There’s also a PSP version I believe (non-adult).

  21. Kelly Jong

    Can you post all extra mode gallery/scenes here?

  22. Missing scene at page 2 row 5 collum 2

  23. Kelly Jong

    Do you know any sites where you can view all the CG?

  24. Kelly Jong

    and I can’t really tell… Is Raidy a straight women who gets raped by other girls, or is she lesbian?

  25. Myself, I can’t even access the damn (extras)menu. What the hell is up with that? Also, someone else here have(or had) the same problem. The ”Extra”-button is greyed out, and don’t turn red when highlighting it.
    By the way, you need to lose too to get all the CG’s? I always(or often) get mad when losing in RPGs. Comes from playing them.

    • I think you need to finish the game to unlock the Extra menu. That’s the case with most VNs.

      Yes you’ll have to loose. But you don’t need to worry, this is probably the most shallow ‘RPG’ you’ll ever play😛. Save reload.

  26. Is there any way to make the game go Full Screen? Mine is only 1/4 of my screen with no options to make it bigger. Also, is there a way to save the pictures outside the game? I’d really appreciate the help! Thanks!

    • Full Screen I believe you can do this. I don’t think a patch was ever released, I’m not sure though since I play windowed.

      To save pictures I just printscreen. There’s probably something that rips all the CGs out the game if you can find one.

  27. Is ever character in the game out to get and rape Raidy?

    Is Amura the only straight character? Never seen her to anything to Raidy.

    • Haha, sounds like a game where you run from the monsters in the dungeon as opposed to dungeon trawling. I’d say Raidy more storms in on their fun then gets caught up in it.

      I don’t remember any Yuri scenes with Amura. There were a few other characters too, Cray for example.

  28. Just finish the game, but I’m unable to find one scene Can you help me?

    Scene: x:6 y:2 on page 1
    Graphics: x:7 y:1 (top left) on page 1 & 2

    • Graphic: P1 X7 Y1 is the first time you meet Setia where she’s being kidnapped. It’s right at the start of the game.

      P2 X7 Y1 is the girl with light green hair you save from Morpha (Dungeon Floor 1 boss) after beating her.

      Scene: P1 X6 Y2 is where you defeat Morpha.

      • Thanks, so it seems there’s a bug or something that doesnt always keep the scenes….

        • It looks that way since quite a few people have finished the game but end up with missing CG that you need to have seen to finish.

          For me it’s sometimes text that doesn’t remember you’ve seen it. So skipping through it will stop as if I’ve not read the line before. Meh, could be worse – it could be skipping lines I’ve not seen.

  29. Hey, I’m so confused about Raidy I(One), please, could anyone help me?

    There are obviously 5 swords and armors in the game, but every walkthrough I find, it explains how to get only 3(excluding the one you start the game with).

    So are missing one armor and sword.

    Please, could anyone clarify that for me?

    Thank you so much.

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