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Hey all,

After almost 4 years of figure reviewing and blogging I’ve decided to stop updating. I’ve had a review in draft for over 3 weeks now and I’m just not progressing with it – so that’s been the trigger to decide I no longer want to be doing this anymore. I still enjoy the photography aspect of this blog, it’s more the review write up that I’m not enjoying. I thought about just posting reviews with pictures only, but then there would be no audience interaction. I also considered writing the review after I pre-order a figure in preparation but again had no luck. I started this blog mainly as a means to show off my figures and talk about them with others, but over the years I feel as though I need to keep improving on what I previously did. And sadly that takes more effort and more time – and I’m just not prepared to commit to the requirements anymore.

I’ll still be collecting figures and photographing them for myself. I may also upload one or two to MyFigureCollection since it’s a way of still being able to show off my collection without having to write a ~1000 word review.

It’s a been a good run and I thank you for all your views and comments. I’m also glad I’ve been able to (hopefully) improve my photography and writing skills over the years. But it’s now time for me to return to becoming a content consumer rather than provider. I’ll now be some guy with a UK IP address adding a +1 to your view count.

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  1. I can’t blame you man I’ve gone through the exact same thing haha…Sigh there’s only so many ways you can make reviewing plastic girls interesting and different after awhile it feels. Why I swapped over to Eroge reviews haha.

    Still you may find yourself wanting to do a few here and there in the future so never say never. :p

    • After taking almost 2 months break from logging in to WordPress (wow it’s changed a lot) I can safely say the desire to post again has gone. Being able to come home from work and not have the thought looming over me “you better post something” has been a relief. But you’re right, maybe one day down the line I may want to write a little review or something, it just probably won’t be on this platform.

  2. It’s sad to see you go, but I’m glad to hear that you at least got something out of blogging. I’m going to miss your reviews.

  3. Oh that are sad news buddy, at least 4 years is a remarkable time for blogging

    In this year I also had a time where I also wanted to stop blogging, mainly because it didn’t felt like before, fellow bloggers stopped, reduced feedback, yeah a feeling of loneliness if you want to name it. But you know what this made me realize why Im blogging in the first place, it are not the viewers, views and clicks. Im doing it for myself, I love to make figure photography and writing the text is also fun for me ^^.

    I really respect your decision and Im thanking your for all the interesting posts of you in these years =)

    see you

    • For me this blog had always been about presenting the figures in my collection and maybe someone would pass by and go “oh I’ve never seen that figure before, she looks nice”. And I didn’t mind writing little descriptions to go alongside some photos, especially when I had points worth discussing. Unfortunately that writing managed to morph itself into a massive time sink where I’d try to think up things to discuss or tell little stories, when all I really wanted to do was say “hey look at this a bikini figure I have, I like her, maybe you do too?”. I’d spend hours re-writing sentences over many days, sometimes weeks, making little to no progress, so I just had to stop.

      I’m hoping to still post photos to MFC every now and then (can’t wait to get hold of Queen’s Blade Irma), but I’m feeling no pressure to do so now. Which is ultimately why I decided to stop this blog – to lift the self imposed pressure I was feeling. I also hope to be able to swing by everyone else’s blog every now and then just to see what’s going on.

  4. It’s sad to see you go. I’ve gotten to a similar point where I’m really really lazy about putting up posts but I’ve decided that I don’t really care and when I get that blogging itch, I scratch it when I feel like it. It’s not like anyone’s paying us to write about our hobbies. I feel a bit bad about not participating in the community as much though, sorry!

    One idea might be to try out Tumblr? It’s more skewed to just throwing quick posts out, maybe even just a picture with a one-liner and it seems a lot more connected with their tagging system than WordPress.

    • Yes, for me the hobby began to feel like a chore and was getting me down. Writing just does not excite me, and I was finding it jarring to write technical documents then switch my brain towards a more creative writing blog post. Hours were wasted just re-writing sentences and that’s pretty much when I decided to stop.

      You know I thought about using Tumblr and other such shinies, but I just can’t navigate the bloody things (God I feel like an old man saying that). For now MFC seems a suitable place to throw up a picture every now and then – which ultimately is how I want to consume figure related media now. Maybe do a drive by on blogs once every 2 months.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to explain why. I enjoyed your blog, and will miss it.

  6. Oh no.. Sad day, it seems more and more are leaving the blogsphere:/
    But I wish you all the best nevertheless and thank you for the wonderful pictures and reviews.

    Will you still keep this blog up? given you still have a vast amount on your archives. Im sure people would still end up here interested in one of your many reviews.

  7. It’s definitely hard to keep up with the pressures you set for yourself. At some point in time, it becomes a chore, then it’s no longer any fun.

    If not already, feel free to visit us on Google+. Much like MFC, more casual place to just share photos and a few challenges once in a while:

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