Yui Kotegawa by Orchid Seed

After many delays I’ve finally got my hands on a figure I’ve really been looking forward to – Yui Kotegawa by Orchid Seed. This is a cast-off figure, but instead of cast-off to nude it’s cast-off to swimsuit. So read on if you want to see more of this fantastic looking figure.

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Yui Kotegawa is one of the many female characters from the anime and manga series To Love-Ru. She starts out as the typical high strung disciplinary committee member with a low tolerance for shenanigans. But as the episodes roll by she slowly begins to fall for the male protagonist Yuki Rito. Quite a contrast to this figure here where she appears to be rather confident in presenting herself in this fine looking bikini. I believe the swimsuit Yui’s wearing is first seen in episode 16 of the first season of the anime. There’s also an illustration (shown below) from one of the To Love-ru artbooks which sports Yui in this same bikini.

This particular figure has had quite a journey. Many delays as well as complete removal of Orchid Seed products from various websites lead many to cancel pre-orders or worry about the future of Orchid Seed figures for foreign markets. But that’s all passed now, and we’ve finally got Yui. She’s about 21cm tall which a very vertical profile. As usual I doubt the scaling since she’s stated to be 1/7. For accessories Yui comes with a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes. I didn’t find much use for them, but you’re supposed to be able to place them in her hands. Her base is simply a transparent cyan tinted disk with her name on it – nothing flashy

One thing that has probably caught your attention is the line running down one side of her outfit. No matter how hard you try to hide it there will always be a gap there since the pegs holding everything together just won’t line-up. Sadly it looks as though a comprise has had to be made to enable this figure as cast-off. Her clothing looks really bulky, almost like a cocoon trying to hold her in. (wow 25 years and I only now find out it’s cOcoon not cAcoon).

Ignoring the faults due to making her cast-off the rest of her outfit looks really nice. I love the creases in her top and the vibrant greens of her skirt.

I love her face sculpt. I especially like viewing her from the sides since her facial features appear softer when compared to meeting her gaze straight on. The flowing of her hair and the way it’s moving suggests she’s just turned her head. Each strand is also nicely sculpted. There is admittedly a rather obnoxious seam line at the top of her head, but then most figures suffer from this.

In order to cast-off Yui you simply pull her head off, then undo her skirt and top (which naturally wants to escape her anyway). Little warning here, watch her hair next to her right arm. I didn’t and now have a black line running up her arm due to paint transfer.

I must admit, for such a plain looking bikini in terms of colouring and style Yui makes it look bloody amazing. There’s also something really charming about the swimsuits plain design. The light blue and dark blue tracing of her bikini is nicely sculpted, as are the various knots tying everything together. I love the way her bikini bottom is trying to hold everything in, perhaps a little too tight😛.

Her body sculpt also looks wonderful to me. I love her spindly looking arms and legs, as well as her modest physique. It looks like Orchid Seed have given her cast-off a better looking scale, but from some angles she can still look a little off. And mixing partial cast-off can look really odd – in particular if you only remove her top and keep the skirt on. That’s a little disappointing since it limits you to 2 options: fully cast-on or fully cast-off. Her skin also has faint traces of join lines, but you really need to be looking for them.

Despite a few flaws with this figure, mainly involving the cast-off, I really like Yui. She was well worth the wait in my opinion. I kind of feel the cast-off is a waste since you can’t really mix parts up. But once you’ve picked how you want to display her she’s a fantastic looking figure. For me it’s the swimsuit option that looks best and she’ll be my first figure to be kept in cast-off for display. Her swimsuit, while basic looking, really brings out her charm and does a good job of presenting her figure. Also Yui is one of my favourites from To Love-ru so being able to get a really nice looking figure of her is well worth it. Just got to hope for a nice looking Momo now.

I had a blast setting up to take photos of Yui here. It’s been a while since I tried something different, this time opting to throw away the tripod. All that junk lying around my desk area suddenly becomes a makeshift tripod allowing me to find different viewing angles and positions.

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

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  1. Yui, is so cute in the later To Love Ru episodes and OVA’s, I found her to be quite enchanting ;D

    The cast off isn’t as well planned as with other Orchid Seed figures, or lets say it dosn’t work that well. The main problem is at the sides, where it looks quite bulky, fortunately from the front and back it appears a lot better. In Bikini he looks best I would agree.

    Yui has a dynamic pose, I really like the motion you see in this static figure, the flow of her hair is wonderfu and I think it’s cute how she is holding her shoes..

    Yui’s modest curves are quite attractive, her butt and the whole backside looks very good.

    I like her face with nice eyes and the blush only the mouth doesn’t convince me that much. It’s probably because of the tilted head, Orchid Seed does that quite often with their recently released figures.

    • Yui definitely becomes more likable as the series goes on. I really enjoyed the episodes in To Love-ru Darkness which focused on her.

      I’m going to have to agree with you about the cast-off. The clothes are far too puffy and the cast-off doesn’t fit the scale of her clothing. The visible join lines of her clothes are far too obvious – which isn’t helped by the fact it’s so difficult to clip the pieces back together.

      Her pose and physique are very appealing indeed. I think it’s the pose that really makes me like this figure despite it’s flaws. (Plus I like her character, so that’s always a bonus).

      I noticed that with her mouth as well. The solid line jars with the soft painting of the rest of her face. They might have done better just not clolouring it or using a colour closer to her skin tone.

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