Ikaros Bunny Ver. by FREEing

Today I’ll be looking at my first “large” scale figure – Ikaros Bunny suit version by FREEing. She’s been saved as a draft post since the end of November and it’s time to fix that.

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

FREEing are quite well known for their large scale figures. They’re also known for making bunny suit figures for various series – probably the most popular being the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya line-up. So when they first announced they’ll be covering Sora no Otoshimono I was quite excited. I’ve been waiting for a really nice Ikaros figure for a while now and having her in a bunny suit would be a neat bonus.

This version of Ikaros is modeled after an illustration from Nyantypes 2011 Bunny girl calender (woah, it was that long ago :shock:). FREEing have also made figures of the other two angeloids in this image if you’re interested.

I must admit I was a little underwhelmed when I first unboxed her. She seemed rather bland in terms of detailing and sculpting. After spending a bit of time with the camera though I’ve come round to liking her quite a bit. Perhaps it was the size that turned me off at first and it just took a little getting used to. She’s still not perfect, but I’ve grown to ignore the imperfections and appreciate what is nice about her. Hah, now I need to find a place to display her.

Ikaros is about 44cm tall. That’s almost 3 Domos high! Luckily her pose is contained within the diameter of her base otherwise she’d end up taking a load of space.

I really love the stockings that FREEing use with their larger scale figures. It looks so much better than simply painting them on or opting for a flat finish.

Commence derailing: It’s quite interesting looking at these pictures on a computer zoomed out. You get all sorts of interesting looking artifacts (Moire interference if you’re interested – or aliasing if you want to talk about general signals). These sorts of things crop up where I work all the time and we’re continually needing to assess whether it’s a real effect or just an artifact of how we look at data. Anyway, that has nothing to do with this figure so enough about that😛.

On thing that I find quite disappointing is the lack of little details. Granted a bunny suit is hardly the most detailed of outfits – but still she does look rather flat. Her heels are a good example of this since they’re simply sculpted shiny black plastic.

Her bunny tail is okay looking. Would have been more fun it they’d used a fabric of some sort. Her waist coat is also flat looking. At least there are buckles and some fabric lines to break up the monotony.

Her actual suit is nice looking, both in therm of colour shading and little details. If this standard was carried out across the entirety of her sculpt I would have been very impressed.

Her fingers don’t really look that good though. They look to be a different scale, and the nails are simply pink blobs of paint.

So the part that makes me really enjoy this figure of Ikaros has to be the face. She looks incredibly cute and is very accurately recreated. She’s sporting her typical unsure, almost emotionless facial expression. Her bunny ears really add to the cuteness, as do her sensors at the side.

So overall I’m personally pleased with this Ikaros bunny suit figure. Some of the detailing leaves much to be desired – but once you can get past that you can begin to enjoy her. I think if I got this figure of a character I didn’t enjoy all that much I would have been more disappointed, but since Ikaros is my favourite from Sora no Otoshimono I can make excuses. Saying that I’m still hoping for a nice Ikaros in her angeloid battle suit. Grands have a nice Ikaros available, but I’m not so keen on her face sculpt. If I could merge the good between this FREEing Ikaros and Grands one we’d have something really nice.

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

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  1. That’s a huge figure! I like her facial expression too, it’s relaxing to look at. Her breasts are quite huge, too huge for my liking but it looks good on the figure.😀

    • She is really big, quite intimidating when you first get the box in the mail. Hah, yes the breasts are quite big but then I think Ikaros has always had a massive bust. I’ve found a nice place for her next my monitor – just need to keep the dust at bay.

  2. Ah cool, such a high tower figure. I think it’s important to have a liking for the character when you buy so big statues. It’s nice how the face of Ikaros is recreated on her. She looks nice from many angles. Her big boob cleavage also looks quite appealing, that the dress has some distance torwards her boobs is a good detail of the figure.

    Her ears might have been better in white, it’s a bit hard to notice against a darker background, also black is not really a color for this innocent Angeloid like Ikaros

    The Freeing figure of my choice would be bunny suit Nanoha, only the space demand😀

    • I agree, if it’s a character you’re not too sure on it can be difficult to justify a purchase of a large scale figure – both in terms of price and the amount of space they occupy. The way her suit lifts her breasts is really nicely done, especially given the ridiculous proportions.

      I think white bunny ears with a deep red suit could have looked quite nice. But I guess Nymph and Astraea got first choice on the brighter suits. I personally like the dark colours though

      I remember seeing someone had a review of her in my feedbox, probably Tier. One good thing about FREEing bunny girls is they’re ultimately all the same, just different characters.

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