Naoe Kanetsugu Swimsuit Edition by Alter

Time for another figure review – Naoe Kanetsugu swimsuit version by Alter. I’d actually been planning to review a different figure, but Naoe was just too good to have me wait any longer. (Yeah yeah I know she’s been out for over a month now :P).

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

This swimsuit version of Naoe is a Hobby Japan exclusive and Alters second rendition of the character. When I first set eyes upon Naoe in her swimsuit in Hobby Japan 9 or so months ago I knew instantly I would try to get hold of her. There were 2 versions of this Naoe available. The regular which I bought and a premium version which comes with a table/picnic cloth. I ordered mine from Tokyo Hunter and would happily recommend them to anyone who’s wanting to pre-order a Hobby Japan exclusive. Naoe is now tied first for a single character who I own the most figures of.

For those in the dark about who Naoe Kanetsugu is she is one of the side characters from the Samurai Girls series created by Hobby Japan. She’s a very energetic and loud character who happily boasts about her ability, yet is rarely able to back-up such grand boasts. She’s the self declared warrior of love despite going ballistic at anything slightly ecchi. As a result her main role is comedic relief which I found rather entertaining. There’s a 12 episode anime series you can watch if you are interested in finding out more about the Samurai girls series or this character. Heh, we even have a DVD release of the series here in the UK so it should be fairly easy to find. There’s also a second anime season in the works which I’m curious to see where it tries to take the series.

The immediate thing I love about this particular version of Naoe is her swimsuit – it’s very unique looking, almost like lingerie. First off the design is wonderful with the black strings making up the bikini top and bottom following unconventional routes. I especially like the neck piece and the V shape missing from her bottom. The black roses are also lovely little details. You’ve then got the cyan pieces covering up her naughty bits which look as though they’re being held in place by the roses. The bright cyan adds a bit of flair to the design, which could have ended up looking more like some sort of bondage gear if a darker colour was chosen.

I love her cute facial expression. Alter have done a fantastic job with her tongue sticking out – it doesn’t look odd or too long from any angles. If you also own Alters other Naoe figure you will hopefully notice they both look similar, which is great since I also loved her happy expression from that figure.

Despite being in a swimsuit Naoe retains some of her trademark outfit. Her red fingerless gloves are present, as is her “Love” hair accessory. Her massive twintails are also wonderfully sculpted, with multiple strands flowing towards her giant baubles.

Here’s something we rarely see figures wearing, let alone swimsuit figures. Roller blades. Roller blading must be hard with those twintails. Urgh, they must get caught in the wheels all the time. Her blades look different from the ones I used to have back in the day. 4 wheels and a plastic brake at the back is what I had. I was terrible on them to be honest. I can still remember rolling down a giant hill standing straight as a pencil with no control shouting “Mum!” at the top of my voice. Ice skating was more my thing really, less hills😆. Okay nostalgia trip over, back to Naoe.

The only disappointing thing I find with Naoe is the way her head is facing downwards. You really need to make some effort to meet her eye to eye. I would also complain about the lack of customisability, but it’s kind of expected with Alter. They make fantastic static figures, and Naoe here is no exception. Saying that you can remove the transparent gourd she’s supporting under her right arm. Her right arms unclips at the arm bracelet to allow easy removal. Her twintails can also be removed for some reason.

Hopefully you can tell I really like this figure of Naoe. I’m really glad I picked her up and can add her to my growing Naoe collection. I love her swimsuits unique design, particularly the black lacing. The rollblades are a rather unconventional addition to her outfit, which I think works well. And of course how can you not find her facial expression incredibly cute. Yep, I’m definitely happy I picked her up and finally got round to reviewing her.

To see more of Naoe check out Tiers’ review over at Tentacle Armada.

I’m hoping I can get another figure review out this month, but we’ll see. I’ve also been improving my LED lighting setup by consolidating each light to it’s own self contained unit. I may show you it at some point, I’ve got 1 made so far. I tested it with Naoe here and it’s much more user friendly. Anyway, until next time..

…here are a few wallpaper resolution images for you to enjoy:

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

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  1. Ah, I’m jealous. I really want this Naoe but just don’t have the money for it. She looks great! The swimsuit design itself stands out, but then there are the gloves, the armband, the roller skates (with a bikini?!), and the jug-shaped float that she’s holding. Her design just pops! (The sexy body sculpt is great too.)

    Seriously, this is how swimsuit figures should be done.

    • It’s shame this version of Naoe is Hobby Japan exclusive otherwise I’m sure more would have picked her up. The swimsuit is really nice and I think her pose sculpt does a fantastic job of showing it off. The roller skates are great, I can picture her skating down a beach side board walk or something.

      I agree, swimsuit figures with unique swimsuit designs are much more interesting. Having all the little accessories adds to the appeal. Heh, if it can’t be found in DoA Beach volleyball it must be unique😛.

  2. This figure is great, she’s a bomb in a bikini😄

    I really like her pose with the tips of her fluffy twintails on the ground. It’s a nice detail that the eyes are very close to the one from the normal run figure.

    Naoe is a cute and funny weird girl and it seems like ALTER captured all that in this figure, not only that they also made her really sexy. Ok she’s not that busty, but that’s no real must have for me, She’s a really pretty girl and the sculpting of her lovely belly, back and butt looks super nice. What I like the most on her body is the alluring sculpting of her pelvis, especially with this low cut bikini slip ^^

    stupid me passed on her as I had the chance to get, I actually like her more than the fully dressed one. I should try to get her from the aftermarket in the next few weeks before the price increases even more😀

    It seems like the new Hyakka Ryoran anime, will have a completely new cast. I don’t know if I prefer it that way or not. I really liked the old team.

    • Oh yes I agree, it’s quite remarkable that Alter managed to make this one look so similar to their “regular” clothes version. It’s almost as if her original came to life, changed clothes, then froze. Maybe that’s why she’s a limited run😯.

      Alter have done a fantastic job of capturing her cheeky character. Indeed, you don’t need to be busty to look sexy – it’s all about the pose here with Naoe. It’s her back that looks the best to me, her pelvis can look a little square from certain angles. But I think that’s more to do with the placement of the bikini string. There’s a gap as well between her bottom and the bikini bottom that looks really nice too.

      Good luck, hopefully you can get your hands on one. I was a little worried myself since the past 2 limited figures I tried to pre-order turned out to be duds.

      Oh a completely new cast. I’ll probably still watch it, but that’s a little disappointing to hear. Ah well, we’ll see how it turns out soon enough. Urgh, does that mean we’re going to get a whole new wave of awesome looking Samurai Girls to add to our collections😆.

  3. wow.. the detail is amazing, i also like her facial expression.. its like saying “hey guys! I know I’m sexy and all, but you all can’t touch me.. LOL!” =3 look only, no touch.😀

    • I know, detail on a swimsuit figure, what is the world coming to😛. Nah, Alter always do a great job with their figures. It’s a shame they tend to pick characters that I’m not too keen on otherwise I’d have more of their works.

      You’re right she does have that cheeky look about her. The little pose she’s doing with her hand while sticking out her tongue is oh so tempting.

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