Yui Takamura by Kotobukiya

Long time no see. It’s been over a month since I last logged in here so I thought I’d update by posting a short review. I’ll be looking at one of my more recent figures – Yui Takamura from Muv-Luv Alternative manufactured by Kotobukiya.

1920 x 1080

Muv-Luv originally started as a Visual Novel created by Âge which has then spurred various sequels as well as Novels and Manga. Actually the upcoming anime season will also be airing an anime series – Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. So I thought I’d show you all this figure of Yui Takamura now rather than later. I’m looking forward to the anime and hopefully you will consider giving it a watch as well.

Yui here is sculpted to 1/7 scale but only sits about 13cm tall. Due to her pose she’s fairly compact and easy enough to squeeze into a display shelf. She comes with 2 detachable parts – her parasol and her base.

Speaking of her pose isn’t it just wonderfully seductive? The way her yukata sides down revealing her shoulders – but stops just short of revealing her breasts. The same is true for her legs – there’s just enough on show without going too far.

The little parasol she comes with helps add a little more sexiness to her pose I think. It’s like she’s trying to cool herself from an unforgiving sun – and as a result is not caring about the state of her clothing.

There’s two distinct scenes I can picture Yui in. One where she’s outside in the sun trying to take shelter from the blazing sun. The second is where she’s lit by a clear summer nights sky under the moonlight. Both scenes portray a sense of heat – which is reinforced by the bright vivid red of her yukata. The summer flower patterns also helps set the scene.

Her base is really quite interesting – it feels like it’s part of the figure and not just something you place her on. Her dress has been sculpted with a square corner to not only to make it look natural as her dress spills over the edge – but also acts as a means of holding her in place and guiding your placement of her. Plus the base isn’t excessively large – she only takes up the space she requires.

There is one let down with this figure for me, and that’s the sculpting of her hair. There are two parts at the side of her hair that look as though someone’s come along and glued them after production. There’s also a straight edge on her right bang that could have looked better with more texturing. The good thing though is her face is so beautiful and captivating I hardly notice these issues. Her face is simply divine.

So overall a really nice figure. She’s beautiful and Kotobukiya have done a fantastic job of capturing her character. The only issues are really her hair and the general untidiness of it’s finish. Apart from that I’m pleased with her.

As usual a few wallpapers.

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1080

If you’re interested in what I’ve been up to in my free time it’s mostly playing old games, blowing up capacitors and squeezing in any anime. I’m following Queen’s Blade Rebellion, Accel World, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka of the Dead and Nazo no Kanojo this season. Of the 4 Nazo no Kanojo has been my favourite – every episode leaves me with a huge smile on my face – and I recommend giving a watch if you aren’t already. Also let me know if there’s a series I really should be watching this season.

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  1. Oh she does look really seductive, sexy yet beautiful! =3 great figure!😀 Though.. here eyes if you look at it long enough, it doesn’t (in my opinion) give a seductive look, at first glance it kinda looks seductive, but looking at it longer.. her eyes looks somewhat.. sad? Something like.. she’s on a studio shoot but she’s doesn’t really like what she’s doing.. poses and all :)) or maybe just my imagination.😄

    • Ah yes I can sort of see what you’re saying. It’s like she’s got a look of innocence and uncertainty about her. The expression given from her mouth looks more like one of surprise. Her facial expression is at odds with the rest of her appearance – which is something I really quite like about her. She’s sexy but isn’t flashing it in your face, subtly is the key that makes this figure work, I think anyway ^^.

      • Yes yes that’s actually what I’m trying to say! Remembering all those humanity art classes I took before discussing about the difference of nudity and nakedness.😄

  2. She has a nice pose, and I love how the parasol fits in nicely with it. Muv-luv has nice character designs and I’m hoping the anime turns out well.

    It’s almost a shame that most of Yui’s beautiful yukata is placed behind her, where most people don’t look. I think it would’ve been nice if they could’ve somehow repositioned her so that part of her yukata actually flows in front, or make it more visible.

    • The parasol is a neat little accessory. It’s just the right size for her. Any smaller and it would have looked odd – any larger it would have been distracting I think.

      You’re right, it’s a shame we couldn’t get to see just a little bit more of the flower pattern of her yukata towards the forefront. All the attention is drawn towards her front so there’s very little reason to spin her round. Kotobukiya put a fair amount of detail into as well. Maybe if only one leg was exposed and the other one half covered by the yukata – that could have worked.

      Here’s a link to the concept art she based on. I guess they were trying to stay faithful. Plus there’s the added stability having the yukata act as a counter balance to give her that leaning back look.

  3. Thats a pretty figure, she looks very good in her compact pose. The way she is wearing her Yukata is quite sexy with the halfway exposed breast and the long legs. Actually not what I would expect from Koto ^^ From behind she looks also appealing with her parasol.

    I feel tempted to buy Kotobukiya’s Muv Luv Inia Sestina, the latest promo pics were quite convincing for me.

    I also like Nazo no Kanojo X, I actually love it. The relationship between them is kinda unique and enchanting and I like the old school charm of it.

    • She’s beautiful indeed, I’m really glad I decided to pick her up. She is a little more racy compared to the usual Kotobukiya line-up, but then saying that I have a few of their more sexy looking figures. It’s like you’re peering over her shoulder when viewing her back. Plus there’s all the lovely flowery patterns to admire – it’s just a shame it’s all behind her😆.

      I’m personally really looking forward to Kotobukiyas’ Cryska Barchenowa. I wonder if both Inia & Cryska come with the little cushions they’ve been displayed with (oh and the little santa hat for Cryska).

      Nazo no Kanojo X is a wonderful little gem that I picked up on a whim. Urabe is such a fascinating character to watch (Oka to an extent too), each episode I’m always at the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. It’s got that old school feel and artstyle – but with modern visuals.

  4. I’m most fond of figures wearing traditional clothes and Yui is beautifully crafted supported by the colors of the fall. My only gripe, if you could call it that, would be the exposure of her bottom compared to her shoulder and chest area. Had it been covered up a bit more ignoring the concept art somewhat she’d be near perfect. It’s a shame hearing about the hair, you even see the bigger companies taking the occasional shortcut when it comes to hair and torso resulting in the most odd seam lines. She’s a great figure regardless and it’s good to hear that you’re pleased with your latest acquisition.

    As for this season’s lineup of anime I find it rather thin but you’re following a few of its highlights with Nazo no Kanojo X being the surprise this spring/summer much thanks to its female lead. If you’d stomach picking up another show about zombies I’d recommend Sankarea as well, though it’s certainly more about drama than flesh-eating.

    • Yes Nopy was saying the same thing – maybe a little more cover over her legs would have been nice. There’s lots of detail to her yukata that goes to waste because it’s all hidden behind her back. Seamlines can be quite inconsistent with different figures. It’s probably some sort of manufacturing limitation of certain shapes that results in more visible seamlines with particular figures. I don’t find Yui’s to be too distracting – at least it’s only her hair and visible from certain angles.

      I’m always looking forward to Nazo no Kanojo X every weekend, I’m going to miss it after next week though. I will be sure to check out Sankarea while waiting for the next anime season to get started. Persona 4, Amagami SS+ and Fate/Zero are another 3 I want to catch up on.

  5. It’s really a nice figure, even if truth to be said it looks a lot better in your photos compared to the original promotional material I saw back in the days.😀

  6. Lovely photos! I’m only familiar with the Muv Luv figmas and I don’t know about this figure but she definitely looks great. I especially like her parasol and yukata, they look really nice and detailed. I don’t have a Koto fig yet but I think they did a great job with this one.

    • Thanks ^^. Yui is a really nice figure, she’s sitting beside Cryska at the moment on my desk.

      Ah yes, I remember the Muv-Luv figmas, they’re from the original VN I think. The anime that’s airing at the moment is from another story arc and I think we’re getting some nice figmas of the cast in the future.

      So far the Koto figures I’ve got have all been really nice, although other people don’t seem to be too keen on them. Hopefully if you do decide to pick one up they turn out just as nice as the ones I’ve had.

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