Makise Kurisu by Good Smile Company

Time for another figure review. Today I’ll be looking one of my two recent figure acquisitions – Makise Kurisu by Good Smile Company.

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

Makise Kurisu is the main female protagonist from the Steins;Gate series. She’s a leading researcher in the neuroscience field who ends up entangled with male protagonist Okabe Rintarou and his crazy time manipulating inventions. I guess if you wanted to summarise her personality tsundere would be a fair descriptor. Steins;Gate started as a Xbox 360 Visual Novel (illustrated by huke who you may know as the illustrator of Black Rock Shooter) which has been ported to other platforms as well as receiving an anime adaptation in 2011.

Steins;Gate was one of the better anime series from 2011. I really enjoyed the characters, their antics and how the story was presented. They managed to create a solid and understandable plot which could have easily become a confusing mess. If you’ve not watched Steins;Gate yet I’d strongly recommend you do so. If you live in the US check it out over at crunchyroll (unless it’s moved to FUNimation?), UK can watch it over at Anime on Demand.

Kurisu is sculpted by Good Smile Company to 1/8 scale which stands her about 20cm – excluding her base.

I just love the dynamic feel of this figure. It genuinely looks as though she’s falling through the air, whether it be tripping or purposefully falling towards something. The way her beige jacket makes its way past her shoulders to act like a parachute; the way she’s loosening her grip of the mobile; the way her tie is pulled and twisted out of place; the way her hair lifts and flies back in an incoherent mess. Then there’s that facial expression – completely unfazed as she soars through the air. Simply beautiful.

Kurisu also has a beautifully thin physique. She’s got that fragile, delicate look about her. You almost want to reach out to catch her before she reaches the ground and shatters into tiny pieces. Although saying that she’d probably still crush me xD.

I also love the outfit she wears. Sure it’s nothing colourful and flashy, it’s instead a more grounded and believable attire. The black short shorts with tights look great especially the way it hugs her thin figure. The white shirt is also nicely sculpted with believable creases in the fabric.

There’s a few Stiens;Gate figures out on the market now – particularly of Kurisu. Kotobukiya have one with her sitting on gravity defying cogs, Wave have her in a swimsuit😯, she’s out in figma & nendoroid form, even Banpresto have had a shot at her. But in my opinion this one from Good Smile Company is the ultimate choice if you’re after a Kurisu figure. I’d love to see GSC give more of the characters from the series a go in scale form.

Her facial features are all very soft and subtle. There’s no sharp black lines and strongly defined boundaries – signature of Huke character designs. Her pupil-less eyes are like never ending spirals slowly sucking you in. The shading of her hair looks wonderful too, as is the chosen chestnut brown colour.

She comes with two bases for display – each with metal pegs to hold her in place at a slightly forward tilted angle. One is a flat white disc with the Steins;Gate logo & some text. And the other is set of stairs which is a more sizable bulky base. Personally I like the stairs, but to save space I may opt to shift her to the smaller more plain base.

Other accessories include her mobile. It serves it’s purpose I guess, but since it comes as an accessory you can choose to put other items in her hand.

I hear Metal Uupa a really rare. Domo just happens to have found one.

Makes you wonder why Kurisu is falling down a flight of stairs. Maybe she tripped on something.

Let’s wrap this up then. I really like this figure of Kurisu by GSC, she’s my favourite out of all the available Kurisu figures currently. I love how she’s got a dynamic feel about her even though she’s a static statue. The only negative thing I can really think of to say about her is if you didn’t like her the first time you saw her I doubt you’re going to change your mind. I’ve also mentioned nothing about QC problems or poor painting – that’s because there are none. She looks perfect as expected of GSC. I’d love to see more Steins;Gate figures from GSC, especially if they turn out as nice as Kurisu. What do you think, did you like Steins;Gate and is there a particular character you’d like to see in figure form? Personally I’d love to see Feiris – I need a cute pink haired cat girl in my collection😆.


1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

1920 x 1280 || 1920 x 1080

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  1. nice.. she is nice.. =3

  2. fabricerequin

    She really glows with the background you added and the lights, makes it seem that its a light blue color reflecting out from her🙂

    Maybe read would have suited her more but heck just another alternative,

    For me its her face, body, pose everything seems perfect however the base… I dont know wht they had to somehow “ruin” it. GSC thought maybe by adding the stairs is faithful to the series but it looks very misleading, and then the plain white base is simply horrible.

    If only they stuck with transparent base…

    Anyway great figure and love the pictures!

  3. Did that metal uupa come with the figure, or is it form someplace else?

    GSC’s figure is certainly more dynamic than Kotobukiya’s, but I thought Kotobukiya’s was cooler. Neither of them were enough to convince me to buy them though. As much as I like Steins;Gate, the characters just weren’t visually appealing to me.

  4. I actually wanted to place this comment on monday, but I got addicted to a game I play😄

    This Kurisu turned out very well, I had considered to get her as well, but her face appeared too emotionless for me in the end. Im no big fan of huke eyes on top of that.

    What I like about the figure is her cool outfit and the fairy like pose. The brown jacket in combination with the shirt is quite nice. The staircase base is my favorite with it’s weathering effects, too bad that you hadn’t included it in the pics😉

    Even though I like it a lot, the pose is still a mystery to me, is she running? is she falling? does she leap through time and space?

    I liked Steins;Gate a lot and I would be interested to see figures of Okabe (yeah he is a male , but he would be a a cool figure anyway ^^), Mayuri, Suzuha, Ruka and Feyris, but I guess that wont happen the next time, at least not from GSC.

    Picture kurisu-047.jpg is very pretty, a really good angle to portray her face.

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